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Hot Antennas

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Subject: Hot Antennas
From: (Del & Jan Seay)
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 18:32:55 -0700
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> >That's right. For every connector pair, you lose 35 watts.
> ---------------------------------------------
> This can't be true.  If it were, every connector in my shack would be
> too hot to touch when I'm running the legal limit.  In reality, even
> on 10 meters running RTTY at 1500 watts, the UHF-type connectors are
> barely warm after 4-5 minutes of transmitting.  I would estimate the
> loss in each is perhaps one watt at the most, probably less than that.
> Where did you get your figure of .05 dB?  And at what frequency?
> 73, Bill W7LZP

While laying out u-wave paths, I arbitrarily use 1/2 dB per connector.
Granted, the connectors I use are better than the average PL-259, etc.,
but the frequency is a tad higher. I am usually awfully close.
Would be surprised if a properly made PL-259 has 1/10th dB per
connector at 14 mHz. (The operative word is Properly made! Not many
hams these days make proper coax connector installs.)
de KL7HF

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