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Goodbye trapped antennas?

To: <>
Subject: Goodbye trapped antennas?
From: (Steve Zettel)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 14:23:42 -0600
... This thin tubing wiggles around in the wind
>like a plate of spaghetti on a vibrator bed in a cheap motel... So much for
>critical spacing in anything other than a dead calm....
>How'd ja like them apples?   ...   :)

I can't help myself. . . I have this image of you performing antenna
experiments standing on the vibrating bed at the No Tell Motel with a plate
of pasta in one hand and a yagi in the other. . .

Is there a story here we should know about, Denny?

Seriously, I've been enjoying the enlightening debate, though it is causing
me some anxious moments. I am in the middle of making antenna purchase
decisions and I feel like I am in the stands at a tennis match.

Your serve.


Steve KJ7CH                   
Libby, MT USA         

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