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Force 12 EF420/240?

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Subject: Force 12 EF420/240?
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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 09:03:59 -0400

Last month I requested information of a more general nature to help me in
deciding on a new tower/ant configuration.  I received lots of information
which I sppreciate very much.  I have tentatively decided to go with Force 12
antennas; 4BA @ 56 feet and EF420/240 @ 66 feet.

The Force 12 antennas sound really good and meet my requirements well;
weight, band coverage, size, etc.  The problem is....there are no Force 12
antennas in the area that I know of, consequently no experience in the area.

I would like to hear from anyone with experience with Force 12 antennas, not
just the two I am considering.  How well they assemble, Force 12 support, do
the elements really >wiggle around in the wind like a plate of spaghetti on a
vibrator bed in a cheap motel< and should I be really concerned with that if
it's true, how they hold up to the weather, and anything else that may help
me in my decision making process.

Please answer direct and thanks in advance.

73 es DX,

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