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Rohn 55 to 25

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Subject: Rohn 55 to 25
From: (Patrick N. Riggins)
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 10:10:48 -5
I would like to first of all thank everyone for their responses to my 
posting a little while back about making a gin pole. I deceided to go 
with a "kit" from IIX and it has worked great. I took the tower that 
I bought down on July 4th and now that I have moved it to my house,  
a friend of mine has asked me if I would like to have two sections of 
55.  My question is: Does anyone know if an adapter is made that I 
can use to "neck down" the 55 to fit onto the 25. I thought that I 
might use the bottom two sections of the 55 for the base and the rest 
of the 25 on top of it. It seems like that not only would it add 
height for free, it would be more sturdy. Thanks....

-- Patrick Riggins KA4ZNU
    Knoxville, TN

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