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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 96 20:27:30 EDT

        I'm looking for first hand information from
owners/installers/informed individuals about Rohn RTP towers (specifically
the 90' configuration).  My Rohn book is at least 20 years old and as far as
I can tell has no specs for RTP so I'd like to ask the following questions.

* Are the sections 3-sided or 4-sided?

* Given the 11 sq. ft rating (70mph I believe) given for the 90' model, how
many yards of concrete are required under _each_ leg and what size/shape are
the leg bases?

* Presumably a crane is the only way to install one of these due to section
length and weight?  How long are the sections?  The 90' model specs 5
sections, which should be 18' per, but are some sections longer than others?

* What is the face-width of the top section (the one with the pre-drilled
plate to accept a TB3)?  Will a Ham-IV or tail-twister fit in between the
Z-Braces without cutting or bending?

* How stable (as in swaying) might one expect a tower of this type be when
working near or at the top?

Any anecdotal information would be appreciated as well. 

Please reply direct to:

73 de Pete

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