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tower base

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Subject: tower base
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Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 05:34:44 -0700
Hi and thanks for reading.

    I am putting up a tower and my question to be laid out the  
 installation of the rebar cage, what would be appropriate....12",16",24" 
 or what for how close they should be tied together,(ie. on center)??
 The hole is 6x6x6 and is accomodating a 72' freestanding. Also, is 
 there anything else I should consider before pouring concrete and/or
 closing up the ground? My ground ring I can do after concrete,but I'll
 take suggestions on that too. Hey, I want this to be a successful and
 enduring project, so I'm open to your advice. 73 de Jeff, N3MLV

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