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Hinged Tower Base

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Subject: Hinged Tower Base
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Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 20:19:45 -0500 (EST)
Well its only 11-1/2 months till Field Day and I would like to erect our
towers a bit safer next year.  Building hinged base plates for the towers is
on the list of things to do.  My concern is the interface between the top
plate of the base and the tower itself.  I have some R-20 tower that we use.
 Not having a Rohn catalog to browse....I was wondering if Rohn makes such
an animal...or is there a cheaper way to go...or do they manufacture a top
plate that can be used as a bottom plate.

Suggestions...ideas...Im not proud. The 60 ft Texas Tower (aluminum) is
solved as I just use the top plate...turn the tower up side down and bolt it
to the top of the hinged base.  I dont want to do that with the Rohn towers
so need a good interface method.


73, Hank/K2UVG
(FD Chair*2)^5 .. 2 clubs, 5th time

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