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Hinged Tower Base

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Subject: Hinged Tower Base
From: (foggie)
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 02:36:47 CDT
Something to consider is welding 3 pieces of angle iron on the bottom legs of
the tower. then getting the base that use tower has? I'm not a professional
welder or anything, so you might want to talk to someone that knows more about
welding aluminum. 

Al - kk5zx

On 08-Jul-96 wrote:
>>Well its only 11-1/2 months till Field Day and I would like to erect our
>towers a bit safer next year.  Building hinged base plates for the towers is
>on the list of things to do.  My concern is the interface between the top
>plate of the base and the tower itself.  I have some R-20 tower that we use.
> Not having a Rohn catalog to browse....I was wondering if Rohn makes such
>an animal...or is there a cheaper way to go...or do they manufacture a top
>plate that can be used as a bottom plate.
>Suggestions...ideas...Im not proud. The 60 ft Texas Tower (aluminum) is
>solved as I just use the top plate...turn the tower up side down and bolt it
>to the top of the hinged base.  I dont want to do that with the Rohn towers
>so need a good interface method.
>73, Hank/K2UVG
>(FD Chair*2)^5 .. 2 clubs, 5th time

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