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TIC Ring and CC 2L 40m TRUSS ?

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Subject: TIC Ring and CC 2L 40m TRUSS ?
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Date: Mon, 8 Jul 96 09:52:19 EDT
Bill, AA4NU writes:
> What the 'best' way to mount the "truss support" part of the CC 2L 40m
> on a TIC Ring Model 1022 ? TIC does offer a optional piece I see ...

I used a section of galvanized water pipe and mounted it normal-fashion
to the boom of my F12 4el 20m.  I then placed the "truss mast" right next
to the boom cradle.  While I abhore the use of water pipe for real masts,
It's more than sufficient for the truss support.  I tried to position the
truss mast for optimum balance in the ring.

> FYI ... If you have never installed a TIC unit, I would STRONGLY suggest you
> make a practice run at GROUND level before you install it up high. Mine
> is at 2' right now and it was well worth the time/effort to 'dummy it up'
> to make sure I fully (fooly?) understand how it works before I take it
> up to the 70' point on the tower ... 

Amen, Alleluhia, Praise the Lord!  TIC rings are tough beasts that should
do a good job, but BOY ARE THEY A PAIN TO ASSEMBLE!  Handle the nuts, bolts
and screws very gingerly at the 70 foot level.  I'm amazed that a rotor
costing ~$1100 doesn't include spare hardware for clumsy tower workers like
me.  Thankfully, I took my time, was careful, and didn't drop any ... phew!

Good luck Bill (and anyone putting up a TIC Ring),
        de Glenn, N3BDA (come on Gate 2!)

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