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In a message dated 96-07-09 00:29:15 EDT, you write:
>The RTP is a special packaging of the SSV series.

>>* Given the 11 sq. ft rating (70mph I believe) given for the 90' model, how
>>many yards of concrete are required under _each_ leg and what size/shape
>>the leg bases?
>Depending on what you want this is all spelled out in the booklet.  Too much
>detail to explain  without the booklet.

     Depending on the load and wind speed rating for the site, it can come in
many different configurations.  A typical 90 footer for 15 sq. ft. at 70 MPH
takes 11.3 yards of concrete.  BTW, it's in the book.

        About a year or so ago, Rohn announced the availability of SSV to
amateurs.  They make the top most (smallest) sections with rotor plates and
thrust bearing plates.
While they are nice towers, they are more work than your average 25G or 45G.
>>* Presumably a crane is the only way to install one of these due to section
>>length and weight?  How long are the sections?  The 90' model specs 5
>>sections, which should be 18' per, but are some sections longer than
>One section is 10' and the rest are 20'.   You will need a crane!

      A crane is a cheap and fast way to put one of these up.  After the
sections are assembled on the ground, it only takes an hour or two to stack
100 feet of tower.  You want to assemble the tower loose and then tighten
everything with a rattle gun (impact wrench) after it's all in the air.
 Otherwise you might have trouble getting the sections together.

>Just get the book ( ask for prices, too)!
    Yes, get the book.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

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