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204BA Problems

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Subject: 204BA Problems
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 00:21:25 GMT
I rebuilt a cica 1980 204BA ant. I used the new parts kit and came to find
out some modifications had been made to the design-i.e. the delta match- I
upgraded the balun to the hy-gain heavy duty balun and also did a current
balun with the feed line. Like a true elmer up it went without checking it
on the ground, so the sliding bar on the match was not adjusted to lowest
swr. The prior owner had  the dimensions set to the cw part of the band,
which i did not change.

The bottom line is that it has an swr of 5 to one but no increase in gain is
observed when ant is connected- I used all new top grade coaxial cable. It
is mounted on a tower of abt  42 ft.  It seems like it has a dead short out.

Any suggestions. thank you. w8bce, mike

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