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Crankup Towers Explained

To: <>
Subject: Crankup Towers Explained
From: (Alfred J. Frugoli, KE6BER/1)
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 1996 21:59:46 -0400
Thanks for the clerification.  I will now be calling US Tower to discuss
this since that very practice is RECOMMENDED in their documentation.  From
Page 2 of Installation instructions for TMM, TX and HDX Towers:

"If you are using the TRX-80 raising fixture.........."
--snip-- (section talks about attaching the raising fixture to the base)
"You are now ready to tilt the tower to a position to install the rotator,
mast and beam.

"To install the rotator, you should crank the tower up enough so that the
rotor plate is above the next section."
--snip--(section about routing rotor cable and coax)
"Then tilt the tower to a position to insall the antenna using a winch or
block and tackle."

Sure sounds to me like they are suggesting exactly what Ron, k6ozl is
telling us is dangerous.  They are even talking about using the TRX-80
raising fixture, which is their light duty fixture, and the instructions
are clearly for their TX and HDX towers, it's printed on the page, and my
model (TX) is highlited by hand.  Now, the third quote is from the end of
the paragraph.  Is this "winch or block and tackle" referring to their
raising fixture, or something else.

Slightly confsuing.  I'll be making a call to US Tower clarify.

Good luck.

Al, KE6BER/1,

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