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Crank up tower raising fixtures

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Subject: Crank up tower raising fixtures
From: (David L. Thompson)
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 13:28:10 -0400
I have an old Tristao which is very close to the current TX series with the
tower raising fixture.   I used to use the tower raising fixture to lower
the tower or raise the tower to a position to add the mast and antennas.
My first antenna was a 4el Gem Quad.   From the first I always put props
under the tower legs to take the strain off the raising fixture legs and the
actual wire rope and clamp.

I moved and did the same with a Mosley TA36 with 40 meter element and then
with a Hornet 4el TB-4H and a 2 el Mosley 40.    What finally broke was the
Tristao supplied wench.  The 40 meter beam elements stopped the fall so only
the 40 meter was damaged not the TB-4H.  I bought a much bigger Fulton Wench
which I still have today.   Early on I changed out the wire rope to a much
bigger size, too...but if you do this make sure the clamp is secured
correctly.  My next door neighbor at the time was a plant manager and he had
the correct equipment to do the job.   A friend used a boat place and his
failed the first time.  The moment of pull away from horizontal is much
greater than pulling a boat on a straight line!

When I moved to my current location I decided the strain on the tower
raising mechanism was too great ( I was installing 10, 15, and 20 KLM Big
Stickers) so I found I could access the tower from my roof even better
anyway.  Even after my neighbors complained about too many antennas and I
went to the KT34XA and Cushcraft 2 el 40..I decided that putting them on
from the roof is better and safer.   I use strong steel pipe to wedge the
crank up and take the strain off the wire rope system and allow me to climb
up to the 40 meter beam on the WD9IIX ladder mast.

A guy on St. Simons Island has two of the HDX series and he uses the
platforms as another approach.

NEVER>>>NEVER Climb on the actual tower sections of a crank up even if
wedged and lowered to minimum height!!!!!!!!

Except for losing the wench on the raising fixture and replacing the wire
rope on the tower several years ago I can say that the tower has served well
for 27 years at 4 locations!   Lou Tristao designed a solid tower and his
design still works at US Tower.

73, Dave K4JRB

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