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Coaxial Cable Lifespan

To: <>
Subject: Coaxial Cable Lifespan
From: (Ron Majewski)
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 96 17:42:58 EDT
Hello to all-

Does anyone have a rule of thumb for the expected lifespan of coax?

In my case, I am using Belden 8267 (rg-213/u) for my HF yagi.
After 4 years of service, the jacket is covered with a maze
of hairline cracks, although jacket integrity seems fine.  
Worse yet, the cable is exhibiting nearly 2x its specified 
attenuation.  I live in Southeast Michigan, so the cable sees 
temperatures ranging from -15deg F to +100deg F.  I've checked
the connectors and they seem tight, so I don't think they are
causing the problem.

Thanks and 73,

Ron (wb8ruq).

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