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To: <>
Subject: MAST V.S. TOWER
From: (Richard Thorne - WB5M)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 07:56:44 -0700
Question for the panel:

Heres what I would like to do with my tower project:
        - Put up 80' 25g
        - Guy it as a 60' tower (guy at 30' and 60')
        - Leave the top 20' unguyed and use it as a mast

I want to phase two lightning bolt quads, one at 40' and the other
at 80'.  The quad is about 6 sq ft in wind surface area.

Can anyone think of reason why I would not want to use the top 20' 
of the tower as a mast.  Seems to me it would be much stronger than a 
conventional 2" chrome moly mast, plus I can climb it.

These will be the only two antenna's on the tower (a total of 12 square
feet).  I'd like to put another 40 meter yagi on the tower (another 6 to
7 square feet) but I think that would be pushing it. If the 40 meter
yagi goes up it would be installed at the 60' level a few inches above
the guy point.

Thanks in advance.


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