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Subject: MAST V.S. TOWER
From: (Laura Ostrem)
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 23:26:55 -0600 (MDT)
I got a little nervous thinking about that much length above the guys with 25g.

I currently have 133ft of 25g up in the air(the odd length is from a
homebrew base insulation section), with four sets of guys equally spaced.
The top set is at the bottom of the rotor section.  The bottom 2 sets of
guys are 60ft from the tower, while the top 2 sets are 120ft from the tower.
I have a cushcraft log periodic mounted 6 inches above the neck of the rotor
section. (I have a whole whopping $450 bucks tied up in the whole thing not
counting the rotor,ant and feedline: call me a scrounger.)

This is my experience:While assembling this monument we got in a hurry and
quit using temporary guys as we went up.  I was working 20ft above the guyed
90ft level and about got seasick, on a calm day.  If you threw your weight
around a little you could see the whole tower twist and flex, and this was
with tensioned guys.  

Now I realize a tower will move,  but after this experience I decided
nothing else is going above the log.  I want to sleep during wind storms,not
stay up all night running through my Rosary.

If you want to get fancy, get some 45g or 55g.

                                73 Jay WC7M in Wyoming

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