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4x Array's 50 ohm DUMMY LOAD ?

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Subject: 4x Array's 50 ohm DUMMY LOAD ?
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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 21:11:42 -0400
Bill -

I have a 4SQ array of the GAP Voyagers for 80m. Allegedly, they are also
useable on 160m but I have noticed that it is like transmitting into a dummy
load on that band.

Anyway, I am using a TenTec dummy load that seems to have kept it's impedance
over the last Winter or two but I haven't checked it lately.

I spent days trying to get all of the antennas the same and thereby reducing
the amount of power dumped into the dummy load. It wasn't happening, the sun
was frying my brains and I was running out of vacation time. Finally, in
desperation, I raised the "counterpoise" off the ground for each antenna by
about 1 foot. Cut for minimum VSWR for one antenna and cut the others the
same. Voila! About 1 watt of power going into the dummy load! I was tired but
I was happy.

I feed the array with a ComTek box and it works like gangbusters. Jim Miller
gives Super Service on his stuff. You can't go wrong with ComTek.


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