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"Standard" towers

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Subject: "Standard" towers
From: (John Watson)
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 19:38:32 -0700
I have come in possession of a 50 foot tall "standard" tower that 
was manufactured by the Heights Mfg. Co. of Almont Michigan. And I am 
wondering if anyone on the reflector has had any experience with these 
towers, the mfgr, etc. Or if they are still in business.  
     The model that I have is a A40, with the screw over hinged base 
plate. The tower is rated for 100mph winds, and is 50 foot tall. And is 
rated for 11 sq/ft, and load at 74lbs per sq/ft.
     Thanks for reading this message, and all input is appreciated

                            DE KC4TBH
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