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Mono band beam

To: <>
Subject: Mono band beam
From: (Marcel Gervais)
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 07:27:37 -0400
I will be installing stacked Mono Band beams for 20 and 15 mtrs ontop of a
110 foot H.D. commercial tower for contesting.  What kind of beam would
you recommend and pls give me the pros and cons.  Size is no object. 
Would like as much gain as possible.  I am now using a Mosley CL36 at 60
feet which I will use on a 70 foot tower as a general short skip antenna. 
Thanks for your help
Marcel Gervais  VA3MG 

Marcel Gervais  FreeNet be130
Amateur Radio Call VA3MG
Home tel 613-830-5287  Home fax 613-830-1579

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