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Delhi Towers

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Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 17:45:44 +0000
I have a questions for all you ghuru's on towers.

I presently have a Delhi Tower with the number 7 section as my first 
section and then it goes up to the number 2 section. I presently have 
a A3S up on top of the tower (48ft). I want to put a A3WS on also on 
the tower above the A3. But of course the windloading isn't good 
enough to do this. I have contemplated on taking the top section down 
and making up my own plates and then putting the two antennas up. 
This will give me 40 ft of tower. Although this will work but the 
phsycological fact of coming down 8 ft I think will kill me. I 
realize that there will not be difference in the signals just the 
fact of coming down 8 feet has got the best of me.

One local ham mentioned something that he is going to do. I have 
thought about it and wondering what the readers of this reflector 
thinks as I am not sure about the idea.
Since I already have the number 7 section and legs in the concrete he 
suggests on getting my hands on a number 8 and another 7 section. 
Take the number 8 section and slide it down over the already in place 
7 section. Then bolt the 8, 7 and legs together at the bottom. Then 
take the new number 7 section and slide it in place. Of course this 
would be a tight fit because there is already a number 7 section 
there. I would bolt these three sections together. Once that is 
completed I would carry on with sections 6, 5, 4, 3.

Has anybody any suggestions or feelings on this. I live in a small 
city lot so I can't get another tower up and don't really want to 
chop this block of concrete up.
Personally I think I should just come down the 8 feet but I know this 
will play on my mind <grin>

Tx for any replies

Bill McFadden (VE1RJ)


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