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Mast material

To: <>
Subject: Mast material
From: (Billy W. Cox)
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 1996 23:43:57 -0700
> Any suggestions as to type and size of mast material to hold a 7 sq. ft.
> load 4-5 feet above tower top/thrust bearing?

Rohn offers a 2" x 10' High strength galvanized steel mast ...

Part Number is M200H I believe ... when I checked with them years ago, 
the spec was that this is a 50,000 psi mast ... 

It is VERY heavy, wall thickness seems I checked to be 0.125"

The are several others who also offer aftermarket HIGH STRENGTH masts ... see
QST, CQ and the NCJ for details ... remember that ANY of these 10+' masts will 
have to go FREIGHT, so consider that when pricing the item ... 

I went with the Rohn units since the dealer had them in stock and I carried 
them home 
with me. I also was confident of knowing the mast would be strong enough to 

They have been in service here now for 12+ years, look like new, and are NOT 
bent ! 
Antennas have been up to 14 sq' in size, but mounted within the Rohn 'bending
movement specs' ...

                           PLEASE don't use WATER PIPE ! 

73 Bill AA4NU

PS ... Make SURE your TOP SECTION will actually take a 2" OUTSIDE DIAMETER mast 
       (Sometime when I am in a REALLY good mood, ask me how I LEARNED this 
fact ...)

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