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Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 22:32:15 -0700
Jeff Singer wrote:
> Paul -
>    I love 'em! The 4-el beam is a great performer, especially on 10 mtrs.
> I am abt to put up my third KLM in the next month or so (xa) and while a
> lot of guys would disagree, I think the KLM is the best design out there.
> VERY broadbanded, quiet and looks good too. Look how many contesters have
> KLMs. My first tribander was the KLM kt34A, and when I thought I was
> trading up to a Mosley PRO-57B, I couldn't wait to get my KLM back. Nice
> SWR, good front to back, good front to side, nice gain, very clean
> overall. My only advice...If you can swing the XA, get it. IMHO, it's
> the best tribander you can buy, and definitely the most popular with big
> stations. Good luck.
> 73 de JEff WA2SYN
> On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, paul ash wrote:
> > Hello! I am considering picking up a new beam in the next few months
> > and I was wondering if there are any KT-34A users out there who
> > could give me there opinion on the antenna. I am planning on putting it
> > up onto a 70 ft crankup tower.
> >                               73 & Tnx!
> >                                       Paul (AE4JK)
> >Does anyone out there know the efficency of a KT34XA?? 

thanks de joe 

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