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Summary of "how much gap for lightning"

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Subject: Summary of "how much gap for lightning"
From: (Ed J Hughes)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 08:57:36 EDT
Looks like the gap for lightning bleed-off
should be "just wide enough so it does 
not (arc) during transmit".  Will be interesting
to see what that distance is, one om said
he thought about  1/16 of an inch.  One 
good suggestion was to use a "sparkplug"
and I would surely use this had I not already
made the "lightning points" with the aluminimum
yardsticks. Sparkplugs would have been 
easy to install as part of the overall feedpoint
layout had I planned for their use. Gee wish
I had asked the question sooner.
Thanks to all who responded.

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