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Best rotator, OR2800 or G2800SDX ?

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Subject: Best rotator, OR2800 or G2800SDX ?
From: (EA3KU(Fernando Martinez))
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 17:57:18 -0600
Hello fellows.

After several month of work rebuilding my house, now is time to rebuild 
the antenna system.

I bougth 2 month ago, a KLM-34XA , with heavy duty boom option ( about 
150 of total weight ) . I have my old 40-2CD too, and I will buy a self 
supported tower ( electric high volatage tower ). 
The tower will have about 85 feet high, and is pyramidal, with 6 feet at 
bottom and 2 feet at top, more or less, and accept up to 4000 lb of 
horizontal effort at top.
The problem now is to decide wich rotator i will use.
At present I have 3 rotator ( rests of my monobanber's systems ), an 
T2X, an HAM4 and a RC5-A. My experience with these rotator is that de 
RC5-A ( from Create ) is the best.
I planned to put the both antennas in the same self-supported tower in a 
big and heavy mastil of 12 feet. And in order to make a good system with 
the mininum of maintenance ( its not to nice to work at 85 feet over the 
ground ) I must decide wich rotator to buy, a M2 OR2800 or a Yaesu 
I will appreciate any comment about your expeciences with rotators and 
large antennas systems.
Thank's a lot in advance.
Fernando. EA3KU.

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