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Screw In Guy Anchors

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Subject: Screw In Guy Anchors
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Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 11:00:33 -0400
I buy my ground anchors from the local electrical power company (Consumers
Power, in my case).. they always have them in stock, in many sizes (I use an
8 inch).... The anchors are a half inch thick plate steel, helical screw...
and the ground rods are 7 foot long with a screw on monkeys paw... 

My first set I screwed into the ground (clay!)... enough of that nonsense...
since then I use a post hole digger (power where possible, by hand
elsewhere)... I drop a half bag of quikcrete down the hole, then screw the
auger down the hole until it bottoms, and backfill... pull tests with my
backhoe have convinced me that the guy wires (4000#) will part long before
the anchor fails...

Water softening the ground will help if you insist upon doing them the hard
way... I would wait a week after installing to allow the ground to dry before
putting any load on the anchor in that case...


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