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using house as a guypoint

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Subject: using house as a guypoint
From: (Gerald J Kersus)
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 14:59:47 EDT
I have to agree with Ed, WA2SRQ.  My first tower was constrained to being
next to my house because of zoning setback requirements.  My objective was
to put up a small tribander and hang some wires for the low bands.  I
decided on putting up 40 feet of Rohn 45.  My house bracket was limited to
being about 14 feet up the tower and going up the extra 26 feet allowed me
to put up a reasonable sized antenna that would survive 90 mph winds with
ice on the tower WITHOUT having guys.  I wasn't excited about spending the
extra $$ on Rohn 45, but I'm glad I did.  I eventually moved and used the
tower for a taller setup.  Like Ed observed, Rohn 55 may have been an even
better choice.  Since you can place your bracket even higher up the tower,
Rohn 45 may support the antennas you want at 50 feet.  Check the Rohn
catalog.  Since we seem to evolve to more and bigger antennas, you might
decide Rohn 55 to be a worthwhile investment now, before you put in all the 
time and money into your project.

Gerry, W1GD

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