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using house as a guypoint

To: <>
Subject: using house as a guypoint
From: (Jay O'Brien - W6GO)
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 13:48:24 -0700 (PDT)
> I need some advice from the tower gurus.   I am planning on erecting a 50 
> foot 
> Rohn 25 tower on my city lot in such a way that will require one anchor point 
> to 
> be the house itself.  I am looking for advice from someone that has done 
> something similar and opinions from anyone else.
  This doesn't address your query about attaching to the house.  I 
propose a different solution.
  Rather than a single guy to the house, run two guys to two additional 
elevated guy supports.  Make it a four-way guy system.  A four-way guy 
system does not have to have 90 degrees between guys.  The only critical 
guy placement criteria is that the angle between any two guy wires cannot 
exceed 120 degrees.  
  At a previous QTH, which was 66'x132'(1/5 acre), I placed guy anchors 
on the lot line with 120 degrees between the wires on the same "long" 
side.  In effect it was a three-way guy system based upon the 120 degree 
angles, but the other 120 degrees was actually two separated 60 degree 
  If you changed to this configuration, then all four anchors could be 
the same and you would not have a concern about the ability of the house 
to anchor a guy.
  73, Jay 

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