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Hygain/USAF Tower Info Needed

To: <>
Subject: Hygain/USAF Tower Info Needed
From: (Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008)
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 19:13:34 -0600
I recently came across a tower that fit my budget (in other words free if 
I would just take it down). It now resides in my back yard thanks
to the wonderful help of George, WB5VZL who very generously did 
most of the work in taking it down. However, it is currently 
horizontal and I really want to get it vertical - hi!

I have so far been unable to find anyone familiar with this tower, and would 
appreciate any help from someone who might have any info on this 
model and hopefully some specs on it.

It apparently was made by Hygain for the US Air Force, and I was told it 
was in Alaska at some point, later being given to a MARS outfit in 
central Texas. It eventually found its way into the hands of a local 
fellow who mounted it behind his garage for his young son to use back in the 
late '60s or early '70s.

There is an id plate on the base which reads:
Model No CS1   Serial No 4
made for USAF SS
Contract No AF-30(635) - 36645
Hygain Electronics Mfg Corp
NE Highway 6. Lincoln, Nebraska

Unfortunately Hygain apparently since underwent bankruptcy as well as a 
flood and has no info on the tower; nor does anyone there remember this 

It is fairly stout, and very well galvanized - absolutely no rust at all,
even on the base plate which had sunk quite a few inches into the dirt
at the previous installation (*!* - the way it was mounted is a story in 
itself - suffice it to say that it was amazing that it stood for 25 yrs!)

It also looks as if it was designed to go quite high although I only 
have 50'. It is quite stout, maybe a little bigger across than Rohn 45 
(tubes abt the diameter of the 45 tubes where they are swaged outward 
to fit over the next section, - abt 1" ID I'd guess).
Triangular, with 4 X-shaped cross members on each face of each section
(10' sections, 12 cross members on each). The cross members are two 
pieces of steel sorta like thin angle iron welded together at center of X.
The oddest thing is that they are bolted to the sections at each corner 
with BENT BOLTS! the bolts are bent 60 degrees from straight, but well 
done - they were plated after bending. It has a very hefty base
plate and cap. The cap was clearly not designed for a beam antenna - there 
is no provision for a mast to go in the center, so I will have to 
adapt it. 

I hope this is enough info to jog someone's memory, I'd sure appreciate 
any info!
Tnx es 73 de Steve WQ5G

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