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Rohn 55 vs 45 vs 25

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Subject: Rohn 55 vs 45 vs 25
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Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 20:59:27 -0400
If you are of any height, you have feet which are too big to comfortably fit
simultaneously on a Rohn 25 rung (or is that wrong?)

If I had it to do all over again, the Rohn 25 I aquired over the years for
our lil 95 ft tower would have been aquired '45.  It is not that 25 is a bad
tower, it is that I am 6'2" or so and I have large feet (size
13's)....unfortunately they do not sit beside each other when between the
legs of Rohn 25 once encased in work boots.

Both Rohn 45 and 55 are about the same width on a side - and working on both
the big and little towers in the same day will remind you of what a mistake
you made when you got the '25.  

Oh yeah, the 45 and 55 of course lend themselves to later use as a start on
some major large it is not like you will just be overspending,
when it comes time for you to set up your ponderosa multi-multi you will
always be able to use some 45/55! Of course you could use the 25 for your
packet antennas, or as 80 meter verticals in your four square :-)

If you are gonna do it and ain't done it yet, don't buy the 25...when you
spend hours working on rotors/rotators and those killer monoband arrays you
will be glad you did.

The Ole Sage

Gampah 'zx

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