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using house as a guypoint

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Subject: using house as a guypoint
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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 09:08:52 -0400

<< Since when are hams reasonable?  I'd be really leery of hooking a guy to
 eave (or peak) of my house if for no other reason than roofs and attachment
 methods are designed for dead load in the downwards direction, some lateral
 windload and not much uplift.  Don't think I'd want an aditional few kips of
 + vertical and lateral load applied to a bunch of 16D nails..... >>

Hi Gary...
Well, you and I agree... if Joe Ham simply bolts a guy onto the fascia board
at the opposite end of the roof, which is usually attached with common box
nails not spikes, he may very well vertically detach it from the house...
that is why I am recommending a house guy bracket which lag bolts into the
stud wall of the gable end of the house, adequate tower size,  and no guys...
if I were doing it, I would put a nice, decorative oak plank across the
_inside_ of the gable wall, and run 3/8 carriage bolts all the way through
for the bracket legs, and, further, lag bolt the plank into each the studs on
the inside, thus tying the entire gable end into a unit, and spreading the
 load across many 16d sinkers...


You brought up a cogent point, and I am going to post this back to the


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