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Rohn 55 vs 45 vs 25

To: <>
Subject: Rohn 55 vs 45 vs 25
From: (Glenn D. O'Donnell)
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 96 13:28:31 EDT
> K1ZX writes:
> If I had it to do all over again, the Rohn 25 I aquired over the years for
> our lil 95 ft tower would have been aquired '45.  It is not that 25 is a bad
> tower, it is that I am 6'2" or so and I have large feet (size
> 13's)....unfortunately they do not sit beside each other when between the
> legs of Rohn 25 once encased in work boots.

AMEN!  I'm 6'3" with size 14's and let's just say I have a typical ham radio 
I went with 45G for my 70 footer for a few good reasons, this being number one. 
my huge carcass is going to be working at that level for that long, I want 
REALLY strong under me.  I knew my feet didn't fit in 25G so my ability to work 
up there
for long hours was zilch.  Thank God I made that choice!  I've spent a LOT of 
time at
the top.

73 de Glenn, N3BDA

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