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Burial of CATV hardline

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Subject: Burial of CATV hardline
From: (Dick Bodine)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 20:01:00 -0500
Charlie Ocker wrote:
> =

> Seeking the collective wisdom, opinions, comments, etc. from those who =
have gone
> down this path before.
> =

> I have some aluminum 75 ohm 3/4" CATV hardline which I will use to feed=
> antennas on my tower.  The tower is about 100' from my house.  Question=
:  Can I
> bury the hardline directly and not worry about it, or is it better to p=
ull it
> through pvc or similiar conduit?  From an ease of installation standpoi=
nt, I'd
> rather simply bury it.  I've never done it before, but intuition tells =
me that
> pulling this stuff through conduit will be a real pain in the butt.  BT=
W, I live
> in north central Illinois, and have aggregate-type soil (i.e. field sto=
> =

> I'll post a summary later.  Many thanks in advance.
> =

> 73 es cul,
> Charlie  KD5PJ/9

If your CATV hardline has a vinyl type covering you shouldn't have any
difficulty.  I had the unprotected =BD inch variety buried for over four
years without problems. but let me relate a story told me by the Cable
TV folks.  They had a run that went under the roadway of a bridge over a
swampy river, and used the uncovered stuff.  The corrosive action of the
water etc. caused the shield to break down in less than a year and they
had to replace it with something more impervious.  =

If you have a sufficient amount of hardline, I'd recommend a second run
as a spare.  I did that and, because I hit the hardline with a mower
where it exited the ground to the tower, I ended up using the spare.

Good luck... =

-- =

Dick Bodine                          Amateur Radio Call:  WJ0M
Duluth, MN 55804      

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