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Surplus Military Mast

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Subject: Surplus Military Mast
From: rbodine@ (Dick Bodine)
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 1996 10:12:30 -0500
Tom Francis wrote:
> Greetings and felicitations
> Someone mentioned to me that some
> surplus military radio mast (portable)
> is available - does anyone know the
> source of the mast or where I can obtain
> some?
> Thanks...
> 73
> Tom, NM1Q (
We have a Defense Reutilization Management Office DRMO) in Duluth MN,
attached to the Air Guard here.  A coworker, who is also in the Comm.
section told me about them acquiring a mast from DRMO which was part of
a Special Forces radio setup.  He intends to use it in their deployable
package.  He's used it and thinks it's great for his applications.  It
has reels like a flyreel for fishing, that winds up the wire for the
antenna.  I believe it tears down to a very small package.  

I believe DRMO (Headquarters) has a WEB page, however I don't know where
it is.  Check your search engines (YAHOO, AltaVista) and you should be
able to find it if it exists.  Otherwise, if you have a military
organization near you, contact their Supply folks, they may be able to
help you.
Dick Bodine                          Amateur Radio Call:  WJ0M
Duluth, MN 55804      

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