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TENSIONING Phillystrand

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Subject: TENSIONING Phillystrand
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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 19:10:09 -0400
As you may have noticed I am a proponnent of using a LOOS GAUGE.  I used to
do it all "be eye" and never felt good about it - although I would tell
myself I was.  By using the gauge you can feel good about all the guys being
equally taught.

Kill two birds with one stone by mathematically calculating how long the
total length of a given guy should be, then subtract about fifteen feet or so
from that length and use EHS cable for the ends of the run. This will allow
you to use a "porkchop" or Chicago/Kleingrip on the EHS and will keep the
Philly out of reach from those with Bic lighters. You can also build up the
phillystran "mass production line" style into fixed lenghts since you can use
the EHS tail at the lower end as your adjustment for too long/too short. 

I don't know how you are attaching the upper ends of the guys. If they are
starting out with short runs of EHS cable don't forget to take that pigtail's
length off of your total length calculation as well....the 15 feet I
mentioned above will make the transition point of Philly to EHS high enough
it is outta reach, even on your lowest guys.


Jim  zx   

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