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Re[2]: TENSIONING Phillystrand

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Subject: Re[2]: TENSIONING Phillystrand
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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 00:54:24 -0400
Nope that thimble spec info wasn't from me, as far as handling the top end I
kinda like the idea of keep the philly away from harms way with a short
pigtail of EHS.  Not being familiar with the sizes of the hdwe at the end of
the torque arms all I can sugest is that if it is too big perhaps an
intermediary piece is necessary - mebbe a shackle - and then put the
thimble/deadend over it. Although it entails two more guy ends and hence ups
the cost per guy it seems like the EHS pigtail is  a nice inexpensive comfort
margin.  I am thinking in terms of tool buckets, climbing belts and the like
bouncing off Phily as a potential source of problem, if you bump into EHS who

As far as down below and sizes that fit, etc.....what we use at the equalizer
plate IS the turnbuckle. The lower end eye of the turnbuckle is sandwiched
between the equalizer plates.

This is nice in that it "freezes" the lower end of the turnbuckle from
rotation.  When you are done tensioning everything you just need to "freeze"
the top half of the turnbuckle and the center of the turnbuckle which can be
accomplished with a single loop of cable through those two.  Watch the
combination of bolt size that the equalizer plate uses with eye size on the
turnbuckle, make sure the eye is big enough to handle that diameter bolt.

This will present the top end of the turnbuckle as what you need to actually
connect the guy to. A simple thimble through the eye of the turnbuckle, I
prefer them to jaw type as there is fewer things to go wrong [K.I.S.S.], and
a preformed end and you are good to go! 

I do not know what is recommended practice for the changeover from Philly to seems as though if each was ended into a thimble that the two could
simply be thread through each other much like the links of a chain but
perhaps some sort of a "link" should seperate them....someone has gotta know
industry practice on this (LXC?).  Mebbe an actual chain link of Hot Dip
Proof Coil can probably find the cable/chain place is more than
happy to supply you with them for cheap...after all, you are just asking them
to cut every other link on a very short piece of chain - the uncut links
acting as the "go-betweens."



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