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80 meter sloper array

To: <>
Subject: 80 meter sloper array
From: (Rick Markey)
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 16:27:57 -0400
Check the antenna handbook.  It used to contain a 40M system like the =
one you are contemplating.  I think it used 5 slopers.  Before going the =
1/4 wave route, you might consider a system of shortened full wave =
slopers.  The length of the slopers end up approximately the same as a =
40M dipole and the efficiency isn't too bad.  I've used them as =
temporary dipoles and they work pretty well.  I use the SPIRO shorteners =
but you could roll your own.  You might get more of a response posting =
this on the antenna reflector.

de Rick, KN3C

Howdy all,

     I am thinking about putting up an array of slopers on the tower.
The attached heighth would be about a quarter wave and a descent amount
of radials would be attached to tower base. Are there possibly people
here that run 4 slopers off their tower to a switchbox that could give
me some indication on this installation compared to others....say an
inverted vee or a vertical??? Is there much interaction between them?
Are they very hard to tune?  Is it really worth my trouble? Any helpful
answers would be appreciated. The band I intend to use these on is 80
meter phone. If I put an inverted vee for 160 above it.....any problem?
And finally,on these slopers, what would be the easiest way to get use
out of them on the cw part of the band,too? Lots of questions, but I
know their are many intelligent antenna people out here who could lead
me in the direction thats easiest and best for me! 73 de Jeff,N3MLV.

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