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Re[2]: TENSIONING Phillystran

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Subject: Re[2]: TENSIONING Phillystran
From: (sawyers)
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 96 15:29:41 cst
Jay wx0b said: 

Well that may be their answere now that they are in the dead-end grip 
business...BUT I am 
sure you remember that 4 years ago they had a BIG revelation and you could 
use the 
appropriete wire rope cable clip.  That is exactly what the design engineer 
/ inventor of 
Philly told me when I called him about using wire nuts vs the old potting 
methode.  He seems 
to be right since my overloaded beast is still up.

I Did use their grips to for the second tower, just because they are 

I just helped replace clamps on Phillystran with the new guy grips for 
Phillystran. This was the first time I had taken out clamped Phillystran. I 
was ammazed at how the jacket had cold flowed and how low the torque was on 
the clamps. I am glad we took them out and I will never use clamps on 
Philly again.

de n0yvy steve

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