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N4XM antenna tuner

To: <>
Subject: N4XM antenna tuner
From: (Paul D. Schrader)
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 00:09:01 -0400 (EDT)
Dear Rag,

It is very simple.  Things are expensive.  Postage, photographs, copies, labor,
etc. cost money.  Everybody is always curious about new things (I am too!).  I
don't have the time and the money to educate everyone for free.  I did some
of this originally to start things off but could not continue.  Presently this
is an expensive low volume product using a state of the art innovative circuit.
This circuit does everything, YES EVERYTHING, better.  I have applied it in
a top quality way to the present main product.  The circuit is unique and yes
it is patented in several countries.  You buy a book for education; when you
pay for my info you get several things including a photo, info, and education.

I encourage you not to pay for anything in life you don't want to.  No one is
twisting your arm.

I am an active ham who has been contesting for 40 years.  I placed in the top
ten in the USA four years in a row in the ARRL phone DX contest (as W4BCV) from
Kentucky.  I primarily operate CW now, but not always.

I have been a ham since 1953.  I have 160M WAS and 160M DXCC.  I have 5 band
DXCC and 5 band WAS.  I have RTTY DXCC.  I am on the Mixed, CW, and Phone honor
rolls. I have the #1 DXCC award for working all available countries at the time.
I have commercial phone and telegraph USA radio licenses. I am an Amateur Extra.
I am a registered professional electrical engineer.  I have a total of 10
I am the youngest person to ever graduate from the 5 year engineering course
at the
University of Louisville-age 19.  

I mention the above only to illustrate three points.

1) I probably know what I'm doing.

2) I don't need to sell XMatch Antenna Tuners to survive.

3) I have earned the right to run my business the way I want, and at the
same time
   I respect your right to participate with me or not as you see fit.  I
   feel that a small amount of new knowledge is worth some minimal
investment for a
   subject I am very interested in.  I often buy books that contain only one
or two
   new pieces of info, paying $50 or more for them, and don't feel unhappy
about them.
I hope you decide to send for my information package which is $3.00 for the
USA and
$4.00 outside the USA.  If you don't-that's fine.  When you get beat by another
contester or DX'er in the future, maybe he'll know something you don't.

This circuit will become the new world standard.  The "Ultimate Transmatch"
is sure to fade away.  And you may be one of the last to know why.

If you should decide to send for the info package, the address is:

                        Paul D. Schrader, N4XM
                        7001 Briscoe Lane
                        Louisville, KY 40228-1653

                73 Paul N4XM (Inventor of the XMatch Antenna Tuner)

P.S. Please excuse the commercial, but you did ask.

At 09:56 AM 9/3/96 +0200, MEC wrote:
>I am curious why you ask to be paid for info on the ant tuner you are 
>advertising.  I have been interested in an "animal" like yours, but I am
>not prepared to pay for sales litterature.
>Perhaps you can enlighten me and others ?
>73  Rag  OZ8RO

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