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TIC Ring Rotor installation experience

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Subject: TIC Ring Rotor installation experience
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Date: Sat, 07 Sep 1996 23:58:14 -0700
N3RR  7-Sep-1996 1824Z Ring Rotor Users
Hi Gang!

Well, you never cease to learn about these things.  I put up my fourth
TIC Ring Rotor last week and it was binding up a little on the 
safety tabs.  Today I went back up and adjusted it a little and
found one more thing that affects the binding:

First, I had installed the roller bearing assemblies (3 ea) so that
the horizontal rollers were level (or as nearly level as I could).  That
turned out to be a mistake.  That put the tabs at a steeper angle to the 
ring.  I re-adjusted the roller bearing assembly using the two bolt/nut
combinations in each assembly and making sure that the assembly was 
positioned AWAY from the ring as much as possible. That is, the 
horizontal roller was pulled back from the ring. This added clearance
to the space between the ring and the tabs and the roller.

Second, I noticed that, even doing #1 above, the ring was binding as the
segments between the rings transitioned the fiber rollers. (This was a
common problem we noticed early on in 1994 when we began to use these
devices.)  Nevertheless, this was clearly a major source of binding
on my new ring.  So, I triple-checked the bolt/nut combinations holding
the ring segments together.  Sure enough, there could be some further
tightning of them.  I tightned the allen-head bolt/nut combination and
found that doing this significantly decreased the space between ring
segments, thus making that problem less of a detrimental situation.

Anyway, thought I'd pass this along to those who are using/contemplating
using Ring Rotors from TIC.

BTW, I use the 1032 ring rotors exclusively on my Heavyduty AB-105
tower with the W3LPL-mounting brackets as manufactured by TIC.


RR (N3RR that is!)


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