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Waterproof your connectors

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Subject: Waterproof your connectors
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Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 23:49:00 -0400
In a message dated 96-09-07 23:45:34 EDT, you write:
>    Have you fellows tried a layer of electrical tape over CoaxSeal ? I
>have had no known problems with water in my connections which are covered
>with CoaxSeal;with or without an exterior layer of tape.  BTW-I have seen
>the flaking of ScotchKote-thanks for the tip.
Robin --

     You are headed in the right direction but please DO NOT PUT Coax-Seal
directly on your connectors.  You cannot ever remove it and you will have to
cut the connector off if you ever plan on using it again in the future.
 Coax-Seal is one of the worst products ever perpetrated on the amateur radio
market.  Professional antenna riggers use a real butyl rubber that will peel
off of the connector, revealing not only a waterproof joint but like new
hardware underneath.  CoaxSeal will not do that.  This material is referred
to as "vapor wrap" and provides a moisture barrier to coax connector joints.
 In addition, the CoaxSeal will harden and crack over time when exposed to
direct sunlight and weather.

     If you want to do a professional, reliable job, first put a layer of
vapor wrap over the joint and then put at least 2 layers of Scotch 33 or 88
electrical tape over the vapor wrap.  Do not use the cheap vinyl electrical
tape.  Put the final wrap of tape in an upwards direction so that water isn't
channeled into the joint.  When you get to the final couple of inches of
tape, tear carefully or cut with dikes and let the end of the tape relax
before applying it.  That will minimize "flagging" by the end of the tape.  

     A better material to use over the tape rather than ScotchKote is a clear
urethane spray paint.  It adds another layer of weatherproofing to the joint.
 When you're done, you've got a professional, bomb-proof, weather resistant
joint.  Coincidentally, Tower Tech handles these products.  Let me know if
you want a catalog.

73,  Steve  K7LXC

    TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies and services for amateurs
   Yes, I DO speak for my employer!


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