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From: (David Clemons)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 16:48:05 -0400 (EDT)

        I presume your question largely has to do with how you get coax 
lines into the house when the walls are 8 inch thick solid wood.

        You can drill holes that depth, but you will need a wood boring 
drill bit as well as a drill shaft extension (purchased at any good 
hardware store).  I have seen standard wood bits up to 1 inch in diameter 
at a reasonable price, but that will only allow you to snake through one 
RG-213 line (and probably the PL-259 will fit as well).  Any wood bit larger 
than 1 inch will probably begin to cost a great deal.  

        You also need a powerful drill which has two handles.  The powerful 
part is required to avoid burning out the motor, as will probably happen if 
you use the standard 3/8" drill to do very many of these holes.  I have a 
large industrial 3/4" drill which has two handles and weighs about 15 or 20 
pounds.  Why the two handles?  Unless both handles are securely held in 
both hands, when the drill bit jams (as it often does when it is about to 
exit through the other side of the wood), you could be seriously hurt.  
The correct size motor to regularly do jobs like this builds up a great 
deal of torque, and when it jams, the drill body itself rotates very 
quickly (and violently).  So, hold on tightly, make sure you have solid 
footing, and by all means be prepared!

        On an unrelated note, I have a neighbor who has a commercially 
built log home.  He has had some insect problems (carpenter ants I 
think).  This is not terribly unusual in my neighborhood, since we live 
in what used to be a heavily wooded area (75 foot high pine trees).  
After having his house treated by the exterminator, he applied some sort of 
clear (or semi-clear) stain which had insecticide in it.  If your house 
has not been similarly treated, you might check into doing it and avoid 
the problem in the future.

        By the way, make sure you seal up the holes for your coax, 
otherwise you will be leaving the door open for all kinds of undesirable 

73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

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