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Liquid Electrical Tape

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Subject: Liquid Electrical Tape
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 18:54:21 PST
A couple years ago I picked up a can of this product for a $1.00 at a
local (non-ham) flea market.  I've used it periodically to insulate
connections which were too small for tape or heat shrink.   It  has
worked very well.  It is also handy to coat taped connections  to
prevent the tape from eventually coming loose.

Incidentally, I went back to the flea market the following weekend to
stock up on my $1.00 bargain.  I was too late -- all had been sold.  I
am glad to know this is still on the market.   

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 15:10:14 -0500 (Richard L. King) writes:
>While going through Home Depot the other day I stumbled upon an 
>product. It is "Liquid Electrical Tape" by Starbrite(tm). Apparently 
>it is a
>coating of some kind that you can use in lieu of electrical tape. It 
>in a small can with a brush built into the cap; a lot like school 
>The package says it adheres to all metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and
>composite surfaces. It will stop terminal screws from loosening due to
>vibration, dries in 5 minutes (completely cures in 24 hours), and 
>comes in
>five colors (black, red, green, white, and clear). The photo on the 
>shows it being brushed on to a terminal strip and on to exposed wires. 
>specs say it is totally waterproof,  UV resistant, will not peel or 
>flame retardant, works from -30F to +255F, and has super dielectric 
>Does anyone know about this stuff? What would be the disadvantages to 
>this for waterproofing. I don't want to start another general 
>thread, but I would like to know if anyone has experience with this 
>BTW, the packaging says something about the state of California 
>knowing this
>stuff causes cancer in small animals, etc. But it may be OK to use 
>(my comment).
>73, Richard
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