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Cleaning yagi antennas (magic juice)

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Subject: Cleaning yagi antennas (magic juice)
From: (Steve Bookout)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 22:08:28 -0400
Hi all.  I was going to respond when this subject was brought up several
weeks ago, but couldn't get the software to work correctly.  But now it can
be told.

Several years ago I came across a substance which will really clean up
aluminum with out alot of labor.  I was looking for a substitute for a
welding product called 'weld-o' which is used to clean a prep aluminum prior
to welding. The drawback was the stuff was $20 a QUART.  
I later found some stuff that has the same active ingredients, used for
cleaning aluminum A/C condenser coils.  I just recently purchased my second
gallon in 7 years and it was still less than $15 for a gallon and it can be
diluted from 3:1 to 10:1 as well.  
I am in VA and the stuff is sold in the metro DC area by W.W.Graingers,
Inc., an industrial supply company.  It is called a 'foaming coil cleaner'
and can be used with a garden tank sprayer.  It makes the aluminum clean and
dull; it knocks the polished gloss off.  It washes off with water.
THE DRAWBACKS:  It is an acid.  I want to say phosporic acid(?) I can't
remember at the present.  You must use the correct safeguards.  Gloves and
goggles are a must.  Also, it gets thing so clean that unless you lube
telescoping parts, there is a good chance they will gall and sieze during
ass'y.  The aluminum oxides you are removing are hard and resist wear.
That's why the pieces slide pretty good when they are clean.  Remember, most
quality fishing rods have line guides made of aluminum oxide to resist wear.
I use automotive anti-sieze compound with the graphite in it.  Works for me. 

The stuff is Pepto Bismol Pink.  That is a charictaristic I think.
Everything I have seen with this acid in it has been this color.  Look for
substitutes.  There is also a non acidic version but I have never tried it.  

And it works great for A/C coils as well.

A friend an I just worked on the driven elements of his KT34XA this past
weekend and used the stuff..   He diluted some and put it in a tupperware
bowl and we put the small parts in it and dipped the ends of the tubing in
the bowl to clean the end few inches.

Obviously, you should use some kind of oxidation prohibitor during ass'y
like you would anyway.

Just sharing my thoughts.

73 de Steve, NJ4F

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