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Self supporting tower

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Subject: Self supporting tower
From: (Jay Terleski)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 08:38:38 -0500
Keith M. Retzer wrote:
> Hi All,  I am looking for sources of self supporting towers, other than
> ROHN.  I want to locate a good source for a 100 ft self supporting
> tower.  Rohn may end being the tower of choice, but I want to
> investigate other options too.  Reply directly to
> 73 Keith W7KEU
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> Sponsored by Akorn Access, Inc & KM9PHere in the Dallas area we have a legend 
> who builds radio towers living 
with us.  

This is a little frisky cantankerous older "gentleman" named Charlie.  
He owns and opperatates Charlies Welding. 817-478 9391 is the phone.

He has built more than 500 towers in his many years some of the 
freestanders are 500 ft tall.  

I bought a 100 fter from him about 1/2 a year ago.  And you wont believe 
the service I got.  Let me explain.  I thought I was getting just the 
tower for my money  $3200 when I first started talking to him.  BUT it 
1. Certification drawings from a registered PE.
2. Hot Dipped Galvanized.
3. Custom top platform.
4. Rotor Plate.
5. Bearing Plate.
6. Steel base cage and mounting system
7. Delivery
and get this!

7. Digging the hole, putting in the rebar system, Cement and pouring it.
Plus building the tower on the ground and bringing in a 110 ft crane to 
install it :^)

I couldn't pay him fast enouph!

This is a heavy duty tower too...about 48 inches 3.5 inches legs at the 
base.  It tapers to 80 ft to 16 inches and is straight up from there to 
100 ft.  All in 20 ft sections, the top is solid steel Rod.  And he puts
a ladder up one side for us "amateur wimps".  Indeed Charlie who must be 
around 75 will still go up one without a belt and show his crew how to 
do something if he thinks they arent doing it fast enouph.

He sells towers all over Texas and Oklahoma....lots of guys have them 
around here.  And when I got mine up a couple of guys came over to look 
at it.  One bought two of them 80 and 100ft I think the other got a 300 
footer for commercial use in Oklahoma.  

Get em while their hot...because I don't know how long ol Charlie will 
be around.

.....and tell him the crazy radio head Jay sent ya!

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