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T2XD rotor and the DCU-1 controler (HyGain)

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Subject: T2XD rotor and the DCU-1 controler (HyGain)
From: (Gerald J Kersus)
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 96 10:29:05 EDT
I use a homebrew automatic positioner on my T2XD that is based on an OLD 
NCJ article by W8FN.  I find this to be pretty accurate (probably within
5 degrees based on visual inspection).  Because the circuit uses 
comparators, the  positioning will depend on whether I am rotating
clockwise or counter-clockwise.  This difference is readily
apparant on the meter and has been very consistent for many years.
Also, the difference is not annoying enough for me to lower it!

Waldemar, I realize this doesn't not solve your problem.  I have not used
the configuration you are using.  I do know that I have gotten better, and
more consistent results using both a T2XD and a HAM 4 rotator.  It looks
like K1KP has had similar experience.  Can you hook up a "manual" control
box from another T2XD or even a HAM 4?  That might tell you if the pot in
the housing is working ok -- the meter should move smoothly and be pretty
accurate.  If you can't get a "manual" control box, you can put an
ohm-meter across the indicator leads and see if there is smooth movement as
you rotate the antenna.  This should let you isolate the problem to either
to rotator itself or the control unit.

Good Luck.

Gerry, W1GD

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