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submerged guy anchors

To: <>
Subject: submerged guy anchors
From: (Pete Smith)
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:30:33 -0700
Now I'm getting paranoid ...

After the big rainfalls of the last few weeks, one of my guy anchors for my
100' Rohn 25 is still under water.  This is unusual, but is it a basis for

My anchors are Rohn-spec poured concrete, properly backfilled (they have
been in the ground for just about a year).  My question is, any risk that
this anchor could pull out, due to the water in the soil above it?  Or does
that have the opposite effect, because of the weight of the water (assuming
no erosion took place)?

73, Pete Smith N4ZR 
... and not changing!

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