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Rohn foldover questions

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Subject: Rohn foldover questions
From: (John Bednar (K3TEJ))
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 1996 18:10:15 -0400
I bought a used 58' Rohn foldover tower thats on the ground waiting
to be put up. The spec sheet calls for 4 guy anchors 25' out from
the base spaced 35' apart going up to the hinge point on the tower.
It also recommends guying at the apex but doesn't say at what
distance from the base.

1. Would you use the same anchor points (25' out)?

2. I dont like climbing towers to do maintainence work so I thought
the foldover would be a good choice, but I'm having second thoughts
thinking about this guying and removing it to foldover the tower.
Is this a nuisance or not?

3.Would I be better off just putting up 25G and pretending that
I like to climb?

I am an inexperienced tower builder so any suggestions or sharing
of your experiences with a tiltover tower would be appreciated.

73, John K3TEJ

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