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Yagi Resonance

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Subject: Yagi Resonance
From: (David Feldman)
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 08:06:37 -0700
Tony Brock-Fisher <> writes,

>Don't worry about it! If you're talking about a Cushcraft 40-2CD, just
>assemble it to the magic dimension, which is halfway between MID and CW.
>This will give you better than 2:1 SWR from 7.0 to 7.250. If you get the
>antenna built this way and installed at 80 feet and it comes out wrong,
>there has to be something drasticly wong with it.
>-Tony, K1KP,

Just as an additional data point, I built a 40-2CD just this way, at the
half-way point, and put it at 55'. There is a Telrex TB6EM at 45', and a
few VHF antennas between. My 1:1 SWR point ended up at about 7050 kHz,
which is a bit lower than I'd like, but it is still within 2:1 as high
as 7200, and as I use tube final output, I just run it all the way to
the top of the band (swr ~3:1) with no difficulty.

73 Dave WB0GAZ

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