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Another Hardline (Coax ?) question

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Subject: Another Hardline (Coax ?) question
From: (Tom Rune Lauknes)
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 23:43:48 +0000
Here is another hardline (coax ?) question.

Our local amateur radio group here has been given some
cable from the airport. The cable has been used with
some kind of "localizer" antennas. The cable is 1/4", has an
outer PVC shield, and is marked "Cellflex -50 Ohms". I have never
seen any kind of "hardline" before, but this cable is very like
the one pictured in the ARRL Antenna book on page 24-17 Fig 25 (F).

Since I have no kind of information about this cable I would appreciate
any comments, specifications about performance, cable attenuation, e.g.

Reply to the reflector, or direct.

Thanks, Tom  LA1BJA

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