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Cement curing time....

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Subject: Cement curing time....
From: (Frank Donovan)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:16:08 -0400 (EDT)

I wonder why have u have chosen to use a sonotube?  Pouring concrete
directly into a properly sized hole surrounded by undisturbed soil is the
proper method.  The sonotube must be backfilled rather than being
surrounded with undisturbed soil, and the concrete cannot serve an
excellent Ufer ground when it is contained in a sonotube!  If you do use a
sonotube, you will need to obtain an industrial vibrator to compact the
backfill in 6 inch layers against the sonotube.  Have u considered not
using a sonotube to avoid all this extra work?

I'm sure someone will provide a detailed answer to your specific question
about curing time, but I understand that the strength of structural
concrete is considerable enhanced if it kept moist for several days after
it is poured.  This is especially true if your soil is very dry or if it
is exposed to direct sunlight for extended hours.  Just cover it over with
a thick layer of dampened straw, and keep the straw moist if you can.


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